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RSFD Fire Hydrant Testing

Have you seen us out in the community recently, testing our fire hydrants?

Every year, we inspect and perform operational tests on our distrct hydrants, to ensure proper operation. As time and seasons go by and the hydrants aren't used, they can become rusty, dirty, marking paint will wear off, discharges burried, and should the valve begin to leak it will lead to freezing during the winter months. These annual tests consist of checking everything noted above, as well as flushing out the line.

Although it seems like a waste of water, it is a very important step to ensure that our fire engine's pump isnt damaged, should we need to utilize the hydrants. As you can see in the video, the rust and sediment can be very thick and dirty. This can clog our firefighting nozzles and hinder supression operations.

**Make sure to switch your YouTube settings to HD, under the player settings!

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